What is the way to avoid corona virus

Corona virus

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The number of patients infected with the corona virus increased to 25 today after the Union Health Ministry reviewed the meeting, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan gave an update about the corona virus patients.  His relatives also got the infection.

 The first case of Corona Virus came on Monday in the country's capital Delhi.  The patient suffering from the virus has been kept at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi.  At the same time, a new case has also been seen in Telangana.  A total of 5 cases of corona virus have been seen in India so far.  Health experts recommend that in order to avoid this deadly virus, you need to take care of your food.

 Symptoms begin to appear at least 14 days after becoming infected with the virus.  In corona virus patients usually see early symptoms like cold, cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, fever.  These symptoms then cause pneumonia and kidney damage.

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 High Anti Viral Food -

 Chinese scientists had said that this virus makes vulnerable or elderly people their prey quickly.  To avoid this, include high anti-viral food in your diet.  High anti viral food will boost immunity system and protect you from viruses.

 coconut oil-

 Use coconut oil instead of mustard oil or refined during cooking, it contains lauric acid and caprylic acid which boosts your immunity system and protects it from viral.

 Basil -

corona virus

 Tulsi is full of elements that improve the immunity system. Tulsi is highly effective.  Taking one teaspoon of basil daily in the morning improves your immune system.  Taking it with 2-3 black peppers and one spoon of honey gives your body strength to fight against diseases.

 vitamin C-

 Vitamin C, which is rich in anti-accident, also works to improve the immune system.  For this, you should include amla, chilli, orange, guava and papaya in your daily diet.

 Ginger -

corona virus

 Many anti-viral elements are found in ginger.  So definitely include it in your food and drink.  Consuming it with fennel or honey will result in better results.  Consuming ginger 3-4 times a day will keep your immune system good.

 What not to eat  -

 At this time eating non-veg things will not be good for health at all.  To avoid the risk of corona virus, it would be better to stay away from certain food items.  Doctors say that eating some things raw at this time will not be good for health at all. Do not consume raw meat.  It is better to serve the meats only after washing and boiling them.

 Eating raw eggs is also not free from danger.  Many gym goers, in particular, include raw eggs in the diet.

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