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Rajiv Dixit early life

 Hello friends Today I am going to give you some information about such a person.  Due to which the whole of Europe was shaken.  Today I too take his name with great pride.  Whose name is Mr Rajiv Bhai Dixit?  He was born on 30 November 1967 in Naha village of Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh.  His father's name was Radheshyam Dixit and mother's name was Mithlesh Dixit.  Rajiv Bhai full life did not get married.  He always maintained himself for the country.

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 There is very little information about Rajiv Ji.  Bo was one such person.  Who did a lot for their country?  Rajiv Bhai Dixit was very good from childhood.  Therefore intermediate studies were done from Firozabad and B.tech from Allahabad (now-Prayagraj) to Puri.  After studying M.tech from Indian institute of technology Kanpur, he also worked for some time as a promising engineer at CISR in India and telecommunication centre in France.  But he dreamed of doing something for the country. He was very inspired by Udham Singh, Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad.

 An incident of Rajiv Bhai Dixit Ji which is related to his life.  When he was in France, he was to deliver a speech at the telecommunication centre there.  He gave a speech to the people of many countries.  When Rajiv Bhai started his speech, he started speaking in English language, then there was a person (of Lyndon Mul) who told him that you are from India, why did you not give your speech in your mother tongue.  All the people present here gave speeches in their mother tongue and AAP used the English language of Hindi Chhaur.  Technology present here makes every language convert.

 Since then, Rajiv Bhai has also started giving speeches and speeches in Hindi of his mother tongue of English Chhaur and people also need not to teach English to their children but with the education of their mother tongue.  This will mean that your children are also good.  For example, a person can understand anything quickly.  For example, to teach a Marathi person in Bengali, he will learn but it will take more time.  It will take time for a Gujarati to learn Telugu.  Therefore it becomes easy to learn Gujarati in Gujarati.  Therefore, he said not to teach your children in English medium school.

 Beginning of Swadeshi India

After coming from France, he saw that by selling very inferior material from abroad in the country, he used to take all the profits abroad.  So he started the Swadeshi movement and told the people that the quality of foreign material is very poor and more money is taken from us.  Likewise, he went from village to village, city to city and told that foreign goods are neither right for you nor for the country.  He gave 12 thousand screws in a very short time.  The elements given in his lectures can prove no man wrong.

 Gradually he decided to shut down 5000 foreign companies and told people that these companies are selling poison in our country by bringing poison from abroad and you are eating it at a price.  And who is an indigenous item, he always appealed to the people that if they do not buy foreign goods, then it would be better for the economy of the country?  Then our economy will also be strong.

 In this way, he became a favourite of the people.  Then on 9 January 2009, he started working with Ramdev Baba himself under Bharat savimaan trust.  Where he told that we both want to prove India as a world guru. They together told many people about the corrupt minister from the Anti Corruption Organization and that he should be sent out of Parliament and sent to jail.  Meanwhile, Rajiv Bhai and Baba Ramdev used to get into some debate.  Then some thoughts kept moving forward.

 Mysterious death of Rajiv Bhai Dixit 

On 30th of November 2010, he was going to deliver a fortification from Bhilai in Chhattisgarh.  Meanwhile, he died of a heart attack and took his body to Patanjali Yogpeeth.  But his loved ones suspect him of murder.  Baba blames Ramdev that when his body was kept for the last darshan, his body was swallowed as if someone had poisoned him. Even then Ramdev did not get his postmortem done or anything.  Even today the real reason for his death is not known.

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