The story of Jogendra Nath Mandal tells the reality of Jai Bhim Jai Meem

Jai bhim Jai meem

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 There is no conspiracy to divide Hindu society and eliminate it by weakening it.  It is already working independently. Today I am going to give you some information about the Constitution Maker. But Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar, the creator of our India, is known.  But do you know, the author of our neighbouring country of Pakistan, whose name was Jogendra Nath Mandal 47 (Dalit)?

 Birth of Jogendra Nath 


 Perhaps you cannot even guess, that he was born on 29 Jan 1904, in the district: Barshi (Purvi Bengal). Districts which are now in Bangladesh.

 Mandal Fiji's political debut

 At the time of 1937, there was a large tribal population in Bengal, called Chandal (Shudra), where they joined the Namo Shudra community. Joining that tradition, he contests the Vidhan Sabha from the Bakhraganj (now Bangladesh) seat of the 1937 national Congress party and wins the Nirdali elections. After winning the election, he joined the Congress party while trying to save that Janjanti from shining.

 After being a national Congress party for some time, he felt that Dalits are exploited in the Congress party. He left that too and joined the Muslim Linga in 1941. At that time Muslim Leung was also a very big party.  There Mandals were the only Hindus who were in the Muslim language. Jina and Mandal were friends when he was at the Congress party.

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 Something from Jogendra Mandal

Wrong decision taken 

Jai bhim Jai meem

 Mandal felt that Congress does not pay attention to Dalits.  But in the same way, Baba Abendkar was a leader. And a mistake that he would join the Muslim lenges with Jinna thinking that Dalit would be put on the head there. This was the thinking of Jinnah and Muang Leung. The greater part of India he can take to Pakistan. Because it was not that after 1947,

 it was not immediately that Jinnah got the idea at night. Such began to demand Pakistan. Pakistan was separated in 1947, Jinnah thought it was a ghetto country, so sing it with Bah Mandal and said that you have to write the blessings here and become the Prime Minister of the place.  At that time, the Dalit Hindus (belonging to the Namo Shudra community) in Pakistan, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). He was killed and raped his women, seeing this, Mandal felt very bad, but even if he did, he too left for the Dalits and came to West Bengal (India). He left everything and lived here and died here too.

 Due to these, the slogan of Jai Bhim Jai Mim is still echoed in India and it is said that Dalit Muslims are brothers. Earlier, Hindu was a Muslim brother. But now only he needs Dalit support. Therefore, whenever a foolish Hindu is seen riding the ghost of Jai Bhim Jai Mim alliance on his head, then read this article to him. The respect that Baba Bheemrao (Dalit) gets in India, will any Dalit ever get such respect in Pakistan. Please mention in the comment.

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