History of ram janmabhoomi and Babri Masjid

history of ram janmabhoomi and babri masjid

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 Friends, you all know that Hindus believe in Ayodhya there was a temple of Ramchandra Ji before 1528, but after breaking the temple, it was made a mosque and there were some temple signs left in the form of a mosque by breaking the temple.

1.  Missing tower in the mosque.

2.  To have a permanent circumambulation site.
 There is no pond and well for Baju.

3. The dome door was covered with sandalwood which was the rule of the temple.

4. The lower gate of the dome and the article in Arabic to be written Sitaram in the language of Allah on the banks of Allah.

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History of Ayodhya and the

 truth of Ram Janmabhoomi.

 For your information, let us tell you that the temple here was built on 84 pillars, which was built by the medieval king of Suryavansh, on this sacred land 900000 years ago, Purushottam Ramchandra Ji was born as an avatar with him, Bharat Lakshman and Shatrughan  Was born in Isha, about half a century ago, Emperor Vikramaditya II of the Hindu clan diligently replaced this temple with a huge retard  And built four temples in India at that time was considered the best.

 1. Ram Temple Ayodhya

 2. Kanak Bhawan Temple

 3. Sun Temple of Kashmir

 4. Somnath Temple

 Babur fled to Ayodhya after losing to King Sangram Singh of Chittor in 1528. In those days, the birthplace was under the jurisdiction of Siddha Mahatma Shyamanand Ji Maharaj.  His discussions were far and wide which a Muslim went to and then Kajal Abbas Musa came to his shelter. As a disciple of Mahatma Ji, Khwaja Kajal Abbas Musa attained yoga and siddhis and the yoga accomplishment of Ghazal house also started to be discussed a lot.

 Hearing this, a fakir named Jalalshah also came to Mahatma Shyamanand and became a disciple and started attaining sermons. Jalalshah was a staunch Muslim and he had the same craze to prove the supremacy of Islam everywhere. Jalal Shah stabbed in the back of his Kafir Guru and along with Khwaja Qajal Abbas, Musa thought that if the temple is broken down and built a mosque, then Islam will become permanent in Hindustan. Gradually, Jalalshah and Khwaja Kajal Abbas Musa started preparing for this conspiracy.

 First became the confidant of Jalal Shah and Khwaja Babur and both of them forced the land around the birthplace to make Ayodhya a pure Mecca. Started burying the dead Muslims and through Mirbanki Khan instigated Babur to make the program of the demolition of the temple. Baba Shyamanand Ji was very sad to see the handiwork of his Muslim disciples and he regretted his decision.  The idols of Ramlala flowed into the river Saryu and went to the Himalayas to do austerities.

History of Ayodhya that you

 will cry after reading ...

history of ram janmabhoomi and babri masjid

 The priests of the temple removed the other items of the temple etc. and they themselves stood at the temple gate to protect Ramlala as per the orders of Jalal Shah, the heads of all the four priests were beheaded when the temple was announced to be demolished. At that time, the Rajput king of Bhiti had gone to visit Mahatab Singh Badri Narayan on reaching Ayodhya on the way when he received this news, he postponed his journey and included Ram devotees in his small army with Babar with 1 lakh 50 thousand people.  4 lakh 40 thousand soldiers of the army went out to take iron.

 The Rambhaktas had taken up Saugandh, they will fight the last drop of blood as long as they have life, they will not let the temple fall.  Ramabhakta fought fiercely for 60 days, and in the end, all 1 lakh 50 thousand Ramabhaktas including Raja Mahtab Singh were killed.  After this horrific slaughter, the Ram Janmabhoomi became red with the blood of the devotees, Mirbanki broke the cannon and built a mosque.

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