Know about Sindhu Tai, who brought up thousands of orphaned children by making bread in the crematorium.

Sindhu Tai

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Early life and education of Sindhutai

 Sindhutai was born on 14 November in Wardha district of Maharashtra into a broad poor cattle grazing family.  Her father was eager to educate her, but the mother was not.  Abhimanyu (Sindhutai's father) used to send her to school on the pretext of grazing cattle, but could not afford a real slate due to poverty, so she used the 'Bhadri tree' leaf as a slate.  He gave up education due to poverty and marriage at a young age

 At the age of 10, she was married to a man of 30 years of age.  She faced a difficult life after marriage but did not lose hope.  In his new home, he fought against the exploitation of local women collecting cow dung by the forest department and the Landlords. And he won in this movement. This movement later became quite his opponent, making things more difficult for him.

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 At the young age of twenty when nine months pregnant.  Then her husband beat her hard and kicked her tightly on her stomach, she fainted, after which her husband dragged her to the tabela of a pulled cow and left the cow on top of them. Her husband left her to die but the cows did not harm her. Things became so bad that he had to give birth to his baby girl in the cowshed.  She says that she cut her placenta with her hand. With no hope left, she moved to her mother. But his mother refused to give him asylum.  He thought of committing suicide but would stop thinking about his child

His condition was such that he had to cook and eat bread on the funeral pyre for several days. 

 Begging to be alive  She spent the night in the cemetery as she feared being picked up by men at night.  His condition was such that he had to cook and eat bread on the funeral pyre for several days.  People called him a ghost since he saw her in the cemetery at night.  Started begging on railway platforms for food.  While begging, she came in contact with many children who had no one.  He saw his sorrow among those children and adopted them all.  He started begging for these children along with him.  After this, the process started.  Whatever child they got orphaned, she would adopt it.

 So far she has adopted more than 1400 children.  She teaches them, gets them married and helps in starting life afresh.  All these children call her as Mai.  If there is no discrimination in children, they gave their daughter to someone else.  Today her daughter is older and she also runs an orphanage.  At the age of 80, her husband apologized to her.  And Sindhutai I forgive him.  He accepts her as his child that she is only a mother!  In-person, it comes as an unlimited source of energy and a very powerful inspiration

 Sindhutai's family is very large.  He has 207 children, 36 daughters-in-law and more than 1000 grandchildren.  Even at the age of 80, she continues to do her work non-stop.  She does not seek help from anyone but instead tries to collect money by giving a speech.

 He has devoted his entire life to orphans.  Hence she is affectionately called ‘Mai’ (mother).  She has raised 1,200 orphans.  To date, she has a grand family of 210 sons-in-law, thirty-six daughters and more than a thousand grandchildren.  Many of the children she adopted are educated lawyers and doctors, and one of her children is doing a PhD on her life.  He has been awarded more than 280 awards for his dedication and work.  He used the prize money to buy land to build homes for his children.  Sanmati Bal Niketan is being built in Manjari area in Hadapsar, Pune, where more than 400 children will reside.

Many films have been made on Sindhutai Sapkal's

 2010 Marathi film Ane Mahadevan's Mee Sindhutai Sapkal, inspired by the true story of Sindhu Tai.  The film was selected for the world premiere at the 54th London Film Festival

sindhutai sapkal awards

Sindhu Tai

 Sindhutai has been honoured with more than 800 awards.

 There are 6 organizations named Sindhu Tai that help orphans.

 Sanmati Bal Niketan, Bhelhekar Vasti, Hadapsar, Pune

 Mamta Bal Sadan, Kumbharvalan, Saswad

 Mai Ka Ashram Chikhaldara, Amravati

 Abhinav Bal Bhawan, Wardha

 Gangadharbaba Chhatralaya, Guha

 Saptasindhu 'Mahila Adhar, Balsangopan Aani Educational Institute, Pune

 I request all of you that you can help them as much as possible by clicking on the link given below, you can donate money by visiting their website.

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