How to increase height

how to increase height after 18

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Hello friends, it is very important nowadays to have a good height, whether it is a boy or a girl, and whose height is not good. They are not attractive in appearance. And it is very important to have a good height in the field of police, army or modelling.  And having a lower height also reduces confidence.  If you are also troubled by low height then there is no need to worry. I will tell you the reason for not increasing the height and the solution to increase the height quickly, with the help of which you can increase your height easily by 4 to 5 inches.

 So let us go towards this article where I am going to tell you the reason for not growing height and the solution to increase height quickly

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 increase height naturally

 1. First reason for not growing height. The first reason is genetic.  In our body, we get jeans from our parents only.  This is why our parents live as high as they are.  Our height increases equally.

 2. Second reason.  If your parents have a good height.  Still, your height does not increase.  So the main reason for this is that you do not have a good diet such as drinking alcohol and smoking at an early age and eating more fast food outside, you have to leave all this and follow a good diet. You will get more protein and calcium in your diet.  You have to consume more, you should eat egg, fish, and chicken for protein and if you are vegetarian then you can take milk, lentils, soybeans and a good whey protein powder and  More than consumed more milk curd cheese

 3. Third reason.  Your posture is not correct. You must have noticed that most of the people always sit back and sit which is totally wrong which is a reason for the height not to grow and it makes your height look less, you try that when you sit.  Sit straight and walk straight

how to increase height at home

height increase exercise

 4. Fourth reason.  Do not do any kind of exercise, if you sit at home all day on mobile and TV.  But if you pass the time and do not do any kind of exercise, then there is a reason for not increasing your height, or if you do not exercise also, then do this 5 exercises mentioned below at least 1 hour a day.

 1.Tadasana exercise

 2.Cobra stretching exercises

 3. Cycling

 4. Hanging

 5. Swimming

how to increase height after 18

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